SCOPE Osama bin Laden

He is dead. and let me say it like that: GOOD!

I am against death penalty, but somehow it is a relief to know that this man is dead. It will not end terror. It will not end the war in Afghanistan. It will not end the activities of AlQuaida. And it brings up many unpleasant questions, mainly to the Pakistani government… how is it possible that he could live many years peacefully and more or less open in a house in Pakistan?! It is hard to believe that this was not known in certain circles.

The reason why I write now about this topic also is the upcoming discussion about: was it right that the US soldiers tried to capture him dead or alive – what turned out to be dead? In my opinion yes, since obviously the security forces in Pakistan could not handle this case.
Let me repeat: Osama bin Laden is dead and I think this is a relief.


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