Route 66 – download upgrade?

Yeah times fly. Still remember the idea to make a license for a motorcycle I had some months ago? Honestly I did not think about that for a while, until I saw this nice bike today.

Well, what is the status? I should look around for a driving school again but I have no money these days (surprise surprise) and I am not so sure if it is worth to start that. After all it takes some time to proceed all the theory and driving lessons. As far as I remember it was round about 700 Euros… I have to check my mails for that or even better re-ask.

Still, I am not sure I can do it as planed. Although the weather at the moment is really inviting. But I do many things these days, I work full time, play soccer, go swimming and pretend to study. And time to time I need to get some social contacts also šŸ˜‰ Guess for the moment all I can do is looking at bikes and keep dreaming.


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