“Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”

I like that quote. It is from Winston Churchill, excuse me, Sir Winston Churchill, although I am not informed if he was a Sir already when he said that. Or has he been a Sir all his life? I should read more about him. But it is not important.

Actually I found that quote today by accident, when I was looking for quotes on the term “courage”. I wrote a dear friend and knowing that this friend likes quotes, I wanted to find one to underline my pint of view. And the longer I think about this sentence the more I like it. Why so? What does it say? It says that real courage means to stand up after one fall down, tab of the dust from oneself and start going forward. Not the most easy part since during such a walk we tend to fall more and more and sometimes in a rare moment of bride stupidity we recognize that walking on like that will undoubtedly lead us to the next fail. But there is something that makes us keep walking: Hope. Hope that this time we will not fail. Hope that this time we will succeed – even though every success is just a pit stop on the way to the next fail.

So what we need is hope, and hope we gain through visions and dreams. We imagine a perfect situation and when we believe strong enough we start going fro that. True, there is nothing perfect in the world. But in order to keep walking from failure to failure we have to have a vision. And then it is not about timing and it is not about luck, it is about the simple questions: how long can you keep up your enthusiasm to go from failure to failure following your vision.


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