I can see!

I can see! I finally can see!

No, not a medical miracle, and I also can deny any theories about womens slips covering my eyes or what else you small little perverts have in mind.

It is much more tirvial: I cleaned my windows. Big deal, eh? But in fact it is funny: I wanted to do that for a long time (it really was time as you can imagine) and I moved it all the time, finding an excuse and moved it to the next day. I planed that today also, but with that really nice harbour outside a clear view is a must. So I turned on the best of “Comedian Harmonists” (ok it does fit half. It is weekend but sunshine has room to improve) and started.

All in all I can state that I learned today:

– Cleaning the windwos shows u that it is much less foggy outside than you thought.

– It also makes u sweat so if you do that you should keep in mind the need to take a shower (except you plan to stay inside and look out of your windows since for the moment you can see something and who knows how long this status will be valid)

– The harbour looks the same from my balcony

– I have to clean the floor now too (tomorrow, really…)

– I have a lot of stuff on my window boards

– The funny songs of the Comedian Harmonists are better to clean with

– Some finnish tourists might got wet a bit (hehe) – It still does not rain in tallinn although I would have bet it starts when I start cleaning

– It was much faster than I thought

But most of all:

– Window cleaning sucks. Anyhow.


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