Trip to Kiev

First of all: I wanted to give this blogentry a fancy title, some cool and funny quote about Kiev, but… I did not find a nice one. So it stays in the short and boring but nevertheless correct and understanding titel.

And since I type on my iPod and some reader maybe remember the so far first and last try to blog though this medium i beg for understanding that the content is rather short.

We left Tallinn at 5:15 this morning, a short flight to Riga where we had 25 minutes to go to the next plane and then with a Turboprop to the capital of the Ukraine. It was a nice flight for me, i fell asleep and woke up right in time for the windy landing in Kiev. We, a group of expats living in Tallinn, have a great organizer so 2 cars expected the European Golf Tour group to bring us to the city. It was very interesting to drive in this enourmous town with its millions of inhabitants and gave some good impressions what will expect us. Where in the beginning Kiev remindes a lot to an extended version of Lasnamae (very very extended), after the car crossed the Djnepr golden church roofs, a gigantic statue and many beautiful houses changed the impression more to Paris or… well not sure to what but ghe message is: niiiiice

It was welcoming that our appartments were not ready yet so we left our luggage in the living room and moved hungry and tired to the next inviting cafe. (in my biblic age a night without sleeping – the hour in the plane does not count – reduces the inspiring spirit of happyness big time.) I do not think that details of the breakfast is interesting for anyone, so I finish this blog with an outlook what will be the rest of the day like: after a nice nap we slowly start preparing for the evening. Dinner is main priority of course, so the plan is to gather and then find a nice restaurant to strenghten for the night and finally have our welcome vodka. and then: PARTY 🙂

hope i can write tomorrow again about my time in Kiev. if not i just have too muxh fun here. 😉


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