tammsaare park

this is how it should be. i am laying i my favorite park in tallinn, which is located directly between my work and home, drink a coffee and enjoy the smell of grass and the sun. ok, since i write that a stupid cloud is in the way, but nevertheless, it is very relaxing and i just wanna enjoy it now. so i dream the clouds away, listen to my music and let my thoughts run wild around. and of course they are between germany and estonia, between kiev and london, between all and nothing are not willing to settle down for a second only to give my brain some rest. on the benches in front of me sit some people, homeless and tourists connected for a moment in the desire to rest in the shadow. it is a short time combination and both sides seem to ignore the other side and they all stay on their sites of their life. but as much this topic wants to settle down in my head, a soft wind and a beautiful blond woman push my thoughts forward to the topic moving me the most: it is summer. it is hot and for the first time in many years i wonder why i used to love coldness so much more. looks like age makes me more wiser.
it is tempting to take out my camera and picture the people passing by but i am too lazy to move or get active.

it is summer. i love it


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