we have a Virus

Our System Administrator did not look happy. Really not happy. Unhappy at all.  Because now the second person in this room (part of the office but not the entire office so I wonder if the description office would be accurate since – as I said before – it is not the entire office but only this room….however) has a virus infected laptop. Not me, just to make that clear. This virus must be really good, at least it takes several hours to clean the computer from that evil code. After all it prooves if the system administrator really knows what he is paid for, and in our case – it looks like he does 🙂 Of course most of his problems are “my mouse does not work” what can be answered with a “is it pluged in ?” or the old “my password does not work anymore” what can be repaired with a press on caps lock.

Now he has real work to do and as moral support I want to play the System Administrator Song.


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