too bad

that was a long blog free time. Sorry guys. But I really had no time. and what shall i write when my life was filled with making new pictures, looking for a new job, going out with women and… ok I take the question what I shall write about back. Honestly spoken: I felt not like blogging. Simply because what really bothers me I can write in in public about (job and job search i.e.) just imagine an HR manager googles me and finds my blog and reads that… not that I felt like writing bad about people I deal with, most of them are very nice. What I just do not like at all is if they do not give you a word at all. One applies and then maybe you get this “thank you for your application” email and that is the last thing you evere heard from them. That is not nice. Of course, some jobs sound interestingbut you do not sound interesting for the job, I know that so I am fine with a rejection. Well not fine but I understand it. But it is all about communication. Tell me and do not just play dead man.

Well I keep learing law now. Have an examn in 6 weeks time and stiill so much to learn. Aside that, my project might soon enter a new stage. I am working on the blog at the moment. Lets hope it all works out as expected!


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