first days in a new land

second try. since the relatively long blog i wrote yesterday got lost due to the stupidity of the owner and user of this ipod touch, now here is the second try to start a a blog about my time in the megacity London.

what happend so far? arriving in London Luton on wednesday afternoon on a hot and sunny day the first hoirs in London as a Londoner i spent exclusively trying to find my room for the first nights. finding a motel with the address A40 western avenue sounds not that difficult until you realise that A40 is kind of a motorway leading into the city. without a map I have to annonce proudly that i needed only 3 hoirs until i arrived in my room. my plan to go to the office at once was cancelled after i decided that a shower would be a benefit for my inner feeling and propably also thensenses of people who stand next to me. My motel is a bit outside what my boss commented upfront with “welcome to the suburbs”

i found my motel mostly due to the help of a friendly african (ok is that political correct expression?) lady. and i have to say that so far the black people are the mowt friendly and helpful Londoners I met. aside my office of course šŸ˜‰
In general I have to confirm my impression I had during my first week early september that the majority of the Londoners are very friendly.

My first impressions of this unbelievible large and buzzing city is good. but i also know that my brain still refuses to accept the fact that this here will be my home for a longer time and im a bit scared of the moment i truely understand this fact. but at the moment my main dutie ia to find a place for me. The question is flatshare or flatbof my own. When i the beginning i refused the idea to share i more and more see the advantages of this: because i do not know anyone here yet i think it would be better to meet nice people and become friends. So yesterday i first had a look one a flat on my own. It was an appartment in a hugh complex builded in then 60ties with a small gym and a small pool. Nice but small and when i came there in the afternoon at 4 it had the temparatur of a sauna. i tried to open the windows but that was not that easy. when the first window was eas to open, the one behond it could only be opened on the upper part. security the real estate agent said. bullocks i thought. but then again there is a big street with lots of traffic so opening a window maybe ia not so clever anyhow. All in all it is a nice place for 265 gbp per week what is not expensive for London i sadly mist say. per month that means roufhly 1150, plus 52 council tax per month. It is very small of course bit for one would be ok depending on the furniture. and this is the point. it was unfurnitured but furniture will be included so i guess how that will look like. but i will send him a mAil today that i am interested anyhow.
Later that day i checked out a flatshare 12 min walk (ok maybe 15) to the office. it was great. had a no that small garden, a cosy livingroom, good kitchen and a room with a hugh bed and even a very smalll table. Unfort of the 3 people (1 guy two women) one girl was not there so i talked only with the two remaining. indeed very njce people and we had a 3 hours talk about politics, history, london, religion, the meanin of life and a bit about life in general andi really hope to get a positive notice later today. I keep u informed.

the tube i sit in at the moment on my way to office is less crowded then yeaterday. maybe because i am a bit late. not oy my fault, the bus refused to come for a while. ok better than my first week here where busses came but just not stoped.

well all these things i gonna get used to. and who knows, maybe one day i might even like them

it is sunny outside. good morning London.


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