location scout part 2

I had bad luck with the timing he did not have much time so basicly he just showed me the room and we had a 1 min chat on the stairs before i left again with the feeling that it would be nice but not gonna happen. and of course it was like that.
in the evening i went again online and found another advertisment that looked alright. it was a room in a house with a guy whos name i forgot. have written it down somewhere i am sure but well not important. i had a look on sunday morning a few hours before my flight went. sad enough, even though we did have a nice talk and got along very well, he never answered my mails so i guess he took some one else. well 1300 per month was a bit much anyhow. but i would have taken that.

back in tallinn i realised that even though i have a good budget it is not that easy to find a place to live in london. i wrote with some more people but being in tallinn it was difficult to find someone who gave me room. even my offer to talk via skype was not helpful nmot that i can blame them, they get many applications and can chose so why take the cat in the basket ( deutsch Katze im Sack how ever this is translated into english. )

so when i arrived in london again 2 weeks later all i had was a motel room in the west of london and one flatshare who told me they wait till thursday.

but more about this later


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