location scout

same day, other chapter. well not quiet different. i am again in a tube station just this time i go the other way back to my motel. no real news on the accomondation side. i had a look yesterday at two places, one flqt just for me and one flatshare.

but lets be in the time line. when i was here last time in beginning of september for 1 week i only checked two places. the first was a flatshare with a nice woman. we had a short talk and when she asked me if i want a drink i said i take the same she has. and she took a wodka with the explaination she had a rough day. and what shall i say, wodka it was then. not the best as she agreed so the first agreement was that i bring some from estonia. it was a real nice chat and i liked her, her dog and the flat. it was small but had a nice view from balkony and the room itself. Claire was (ok is i guess) her name. we had rougly half N hour until the next guy came to have a look and i left. unfort i did not know then that i was supposed to make a “commitment” (what is funny since i like that band a lot @insider) so when i called her the next evening the room was taken. still our wodka appointment stands and soon i should call her. wonder if we really meet again.
aftee that i started looking again for other possibilities. it is actually interesting that so many people, also real estate agents never answer on emails. but then again i should have had called maybe. well anyhow the next place i put my hopes on was a nice looking 1 bed flat what noz only was acceptable by price but also very close to the office. i wrote that guy and he wrote back with his phone number so we called and agreed tha i shall come over tomorrow and have a look. the next morning he sent me a sms to move the appointment from 10 to the afternoon or evening round 5 in the afternoon he textes me that he wants to meet the next day. that would have been already thursday but i agreed. thing just was, that thursday morning i got a sms telling me that viewing was moved to next monday. principle not a thing but in fact i had a flight ticket for sunday afternoon to tallinn. as all tries to convince him making an exeption were useless i faced the fact that the reason of my week in london threatend to fail: i needed a place to stay. so after work i went to a cafe and started calling other options. and the third number worked and the guy, colm, told me i could come by at once. it was not far so 10 min later i stood infront of a rather ugly 12 floor building. the appartment was not really nice looking but had a great view again. so we were sitting in the livingroom and had a chat. it went well, h even invoted me to play poker with him and his friends later but after 2 hours i decided to be tired and left. before i left he aksed me if i want the room and that he liked me so i could have it. we shaked hands and i left with the feeling that i found a place, at least for the first months. the next day he wrote me that i shall come by with several hundrets pounds and then bring 1600 with me when i move in. i remember i read that mail in the office and vot a strange feeling about that. i shall give him mone without a contract? we called and agreed to meet in the evening. the money was meant to show my commitment and the rest was a deposit. well, i did not have so much money with me so i offered to transfer him the money on his account. he gavee his iban and bic codeand we went to have a drink with his girlfriend, a nice cloth-designer from israel. colm led us to. a nice bar with very loud live music and ordered 2 pitchers coctail. i already had 3 beers with the office after work so after 3 glasses and no food i felt drunk and said good bye. we did not talk a lot in the bar as colm desided to dance alone infront of the band and his gf and me talked about israel sitting aside the band. the next morning i had a nice walk from kings cross where my hostel was down tottenhem court road down to weatminster and then along the themse on the voctoriq embankment to the towerbridge. the weather decided not to care about the forecast qnd insteat of clouds and coldness i faced sun sun and sun. thing is: when u are dressed for cold weather and then walk in the sun – specially when u are more in the shape of an elephant than amything u start sweating. and as u know when u k ow me i dislike sweating. so i decided that tower bridge is a good last point for a first london tour and that i take the tune back to the hostel and have a shower. and when o came home and read my mail i found a message from colm telling me that ue changed his mind about the room. nice surprise for a saturday in london. i was a bit depressed, even was not in the mood to watch bayern munich play freiburg that afternoon ( and we won big time) but started hardcore looking for a flat. indeed 2 answered and one i went to watch at once. anil lived very close to my office in a backyard house. the room had its own shower and was rather big. includimg access to. a nice roof terrace. i liked the place although it was rather expensive.

read more soon 🙂


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