first sunday

i am not religious. ok i think there is a god as obviously someone works against me. just a joke. with the against me working i mean. i know that 99% it is me who sabotages my actions. but if i remember correct there was a philosopher who once said that we are all our own gods and that just the actions we preform and their consequences strike back once in a while. however, this is not what i want to talk about. As i said it is sunday and i am on my way to Kings Cross to meet a woman i have not seen for…18 years or so. she was in my older brothers class and was part of his friend circles. i have to admit that i do not remember that we had much contact with each other. What do i remeber? we called her Biggi, she was gorgeous looking, very friendly and nice to me when we met and i had a crush on her.and remember that i once visited her in Erlangen and we went to see “the lion king” in an english cinema. it was a nice day in erlangen also a bit short – i had to take the train back after all. And i remember that i once painted her a calvin&hobbes shirt. Yeah, i know but come on i was young and stupid. god thanks that the young thing changed with the years.
a few months ago i saw her name on facebook and we talked. at this time i had no idea i would soon live in london. funny somehow the way life leads us. ah forgot, i lead my life. ok then funny how i lead me throug my life.

i really look forward to see her again. i have no clue how she looks like now. i changed a lot in the last 18 years, much less hair and much more weight. at least the last i hope to change again. had some success when i played football twice a week and went swimming in tallinn. but that. football playing stoped when the team played in a league and my skills where enough to watch only. maybe i find some people in london who just wanna play. volleyball would be nice too. ok different topic i will deal with that after i found a flat and settled down at work also. because this situation really freaks me out and i cannot really lay back and enjoy the late summer in london and that is a shame, isnt it?

thank you very much for your approval. it is a few hours since i stoped writing here and now an Erik writes who spent a real nice afternoon in charming company. We have been in north of London, a part called Hampstead. it is a very nice area with many bars and restaurants and. hugh park- where we have not been. not that we did not want to but on the way there we passed an old house (builded in 1658 if i recall correct) called Fenton house. i do not wanna bore you with the story of the house as i know that most of my 2 readers are not so hot on historical facts and to tell you how the house developed and what is inside would bore you. and i did not read very carefully so i do not rrmember a lot anyhow. but maybe i can mention that Ridley Scott has a house with garden next to it and i made some picture of that too. all in all let me say that it is a nice house if you like china ( the material and the country) and old pianos or can enjoy a small but rather welcoming garden. and we got a nice view on London also. not that bad all in all. through Birgit i also learned something about the british health system and decided not to get sick 🙂 but at least i have one doc here now. and for the books, she still looks wonderful ( just good she does not read this blog).

hampstead definately will see me again although it might take a while till next summer when the park becomes an option for a picnic. or in case i find in Yans book about chilling places in London something there for the grey autumn. for the moment i call it a day and go back to my motel. reading mails and searching for a place is anyhow better on a big screen. guess i should invest some 10 pounds to be an early bird on spareroom. it should increase my chances to find a good flatshare. and it really is time that i find something now. as the only option i could have at the moment is as expensive as bad. it has all the disadvantes of a flatshare combined with the price of a normal flat ( ok not quiet but almost) and cannot even bring in the good sides of a flatshare like socialising, having people to do something together etc etc. might be this agency has something cheaper so atleast i have something for a while but it would be an expensive alternative to be honest.
one other flatshare will tell me tuesday if it works out for them but i have my doubts a bit. ok then again what does a feeling count. i will write the agency later when i am at home. and also about my tries and disappointments during my flat hunt.

so, sum it up Erik: how was the first sunday as a Londoner?it was good i would say. mostly because thanks to Biggi i now know Hampstead and had a real nice conversation the entire afternoon.

lets see how the first monday will be 😉


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