second sunday.

not much has changed really in the last days. standing up, going to work, checking for flats, writing emails and call people, read the “sorry to inform you that we have chosen someone else but we are sure that you soon will find a home” mails, going to sleep. in between checking out places and futer candidates who write me then one of the sorry mails. some tell me that they get 100 mails and more, invite round 20 and then choose 1. bad ratio for me. but i am still convinced that i can and will find something. in fact this week i wait for 3 decisions and since we had a good contact so far i am optimistic that 1 at least gives me green light. and i really need a place so i can finally concentrate fully on my job and also finally can cook propper food. after 2 weeks sandwiches and prepared salat, with 2 kebaps as a change of menue i really look forward to be able to cook again.

but also at work i have to start some new chapters. monday i will have my first of now regulary monday meetings with the researchers i have to “manage”. nkt that they need a lot of management but i feel it is tike to tell them what i was hired for, what will be my position and what i will do as head of research.

at the moment, it is half past ten in the night and behind me is a full day of looking for flats, i decided to have a pint in the bar “the princess” above the office. it is kind of ou house bar, we have an open tap here (i payed for my amstel do not worry) and every friday after work the entire office has some drinks here to prepare for the weekend. and as soon as i have a nice home to go to i am sure that i will enjoy these evenings much more than i already do.
but also today i had actually a good day. at noon i saw a nice flat not far from the office and after that i walked to shoreditch park and made some nice pictures on the way. london is great for such walks. maybe it os because it is all new for me but i see a lot of things to make a photo of and i am sure this will be so for a while. London is not my home yet, but step by step we, the town and me, get closer and i hope there will be the moment when i finally arrived here. but i miss tallinn and my friends there a lot.

time will show. wish me luck for the flat hunt!


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