flat hunt end

it was tough. it took almost 2 weeks. it cost me 10 gbp and a lot of time and worried me a lot. but the flat hunt came to an end as it looks. i will check out one more place but i got on green light already for a houseshar in whitechappel. not in a Jack the Ripper street unfort but after all a nice house with a big red bathroom ( ok i dunno if i get that of the two rooms but still) and a nice flat mate. a doctor from scotland just i did not understand what kind of a doctor he is. but he is a couchsurfer and that is often good ( i said often not always! but my grandma said it better ( insight joke)) so now i just wanna have a look at the last flatshare, 5 people if i remember right but the pictures were awesome and i really look forward to see it. both locations are not ideal for me but acceptable- direct bus to the office. maybe whitechappel looks a bit better than haggerston. but it is a bit closer to the office. of course a bit further away from the river so that is pro whitechappel. in fact one flatshare – a luxus one is still pending. 2 google sales men bit nice and friendly chaps. i think we could get along too. but that place is free only from november and that sucks. plus of course they did not call me back yet so this discussion is academic. but it is a good feeling that i have one and till tomorrow i shall call him back. i would have told him directly yes but i really wanted to see the other place. ah and i found a 2 bed room…. ok 1,5 bedroom place for 1400 per month where i could move in at once but it has some downsides. that black stuff on the walls i.e. in german we call it Schimmel. no idea what it is in english but it is awefull. and expensive. on the other hand i could offer friends a ( really small) bed if i get a visitor. bit well that is not exactly my main decision point in choosing 🙂

well i will see in 1 hour i go to the other flatshare and i hope on my way home i know where i will live the next time. i canno say the next year one never knows in london but after all it is a start. my start. And i need a start finally since i still xid not understand fully that this here is not a holiday or a short time project but it is for a long time. indefinate or how this is written. anyhow since julia robert ends notting hill with that word it is burned in my memory.

sometimes i wonder what associations i have with london. different actually, sherlock holmes, jack the ripper, big ben, miss marple ( ses i know not london but still), the old edgar wallace movies ( which were made in germany) , the fog, the poorness of the workers in the factories, bit also the monarchy and aristocracy, gentlemen and the famouse clubs… so many different aspects and none of them seems to be right when i walk through the streets of london. it os a fast moving international business town with many old small houses which appear like a left over from a time far fat away. bit it is reality not just history. in my eyes london is a left over from old times with the pride of centuries and at the same time looking to the future and is proud enough not to change itself – what makes it an even faster moving town in slow motion. it changes it grows but it stays in itself the capital of the long gone empire of the last century. i am not sure i can make clear to you, dear reader, what i mean and i am not even sure if i know myself what i want to say. because so far i still did not understand this town even a bit. well after two weeks what can u expect but thiz is not what i mean. every town has its flair ( ok except Hannover) and every town has an image. London has several flIrs, has severL images and it is not based on its size, it can change completly just because you took the right and not the left corner and suddenly you are in a whole new town. maybe that is the flair of london, that you are never suee where you are what to expect. that you never know what town expectd you when you leave home and step through the front door out on the street. and maybe this is what one has to understand when he lives in london. that ever tube station offers you another town within london.
and maybe this is the key to like this town. i hope so.


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