What about London

I am not exactly sure what to write about London. I do not even think i know what I feel about London. What I do know is that i changed a bit. So is due to several reasons my first drink in the morning tea. It is more healthy, for sure, and it has a pretty good taste also with milk or lemon, so that is one of my reasons. Health. And the enourmous lack of a coffee machine in my kitchen. So i make myself tea in a not so much boring looking as slightly leaking adidas thermo cup  and walk out of the door my short walk to whitechappel tube station, enjoy the fact that i do not habe to cross the hugh road and then stand more or less excited until bus 205 has the honour to be announced and sometimes it even stops and allows humble passangers to enter. sometimes. and i am not always sure on the reason and the motivation of the bus driver, who can be shockingly rude. i already got the idea that former London bus drivers become doormen in clubs in germany.
good school.

aside that i like London. not as much as i like Tallinn but still. i am planing my first weekend back home, ahould book a flight though. i lack some unfriendly estonian service in bars in here bartenders and waiters are friendly. did not even know what to say when first time in a bar the waiter apologized for the fact that he needed 5 min to bring my beer.

but well, I arrived in the office. another day of work. somethings are the same everywhere.


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