My first Xmas market

… in London. We have the 2nd advent (do english people count that also or is this a german thing only?), or lets say December 4th. The german community meets at Hydepark to have Glühwein (I know it is translated hot or mulled whine but I like the sound of the german word more) so I decided to go there and maybe meet some nice people. Mostly because I lack friends in this town and maybe i am more lucky with other expatriots as so far i do not know many british people. My fault of course, it surely would help to go out more often. But be it as it may. So i walked to Whitechapel station, went upstairs to get to the underground insteat of downstairs as I do normally to reach ths overground. (i know i do not understand it also) Now I sit in the District line on my way to South Kensington where I change to Picadilly line. This change of tunes is still weired specially as normally one has to walk quiet a while within the station to reach the other train. This is worst at Bank, i soon shall film the walk there or descrribe it detailed, I think in Tallinn old town one walks less from Drink Bar to Hell Hunt. Anyhow.

It is not the weather for Xmas market really, not warm. it surely far from minus degrees and miles from any kind of snow. Still it will be my first Glühwein of the season and so i look forwar to that. And also to see the Christmas Market at Hyde Park. Normally i would have taken my camera wirh me but i am afaid it is to dark and to crowded to make good pictures and would be afraid all the time that something happens. and in case i see something nice i still have my iPod. St.James Park. Next one is mine.

Stupid me… too early now i take victoria line to green park and then picasilly to hyde park. funny that this way i only have 2 stations insteat of 4. still i lose time. good that i started my walk early.

*way home*

i am out of cigarets. not the biggest problems as it just interesting that one cannot buy them on the christmas market. ok i know, that a christmas market in germany does normally not provide these kind of goods, however in this case it is strange. Because, when in our head the christmas market is a picture builded by your experience – and as i assume the majority of my readers are either from estonia or germany – you would be surprised or disappointed. Because the christmas market in Hyde park is slightly different. the beginning already is a bit strange as the gates are guarded and we had to wait quiet a while for allowance to enter the market but that was maybe ok because of the amount of people inside and outside of the market area. Maybe not necessarily needed but then again an act which is understandable. The mose disturbing part was and is what one finds inside the market. the first houses werd rather normal, Glühwein and hot chocolate, different kind of sausages and beer, candies and wodden ties. but the more you walk in the more – or lets say the less it looks and feels like a christmas market but like a small version of Oktoberfest. It got really unreal when we arrived the bavarian village with popmusic, beerstands (including Masskrüge) and rollercoasters. Yes, rollercoasters. On a christmas market. In case you do not belive me chek the ipod pictures i made.

all in all i have to say it was a nice evening, talking with interesting people, rather expensive all in all (4 pounds for a Glühwein) and not christmas market-ish at all. But it was nice and i had a cool evening. Too bad that I have an important meeting tomorrow and therefore need to go home at 21 o clock already. well i will be home at 22 only. And I still have to eat something (only had a grilled sausages so far). So… nice after all but I miss the Xmas market as I know it.

Merry Christmas.

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