Driving home for Christmas

Why do I chose this title for my blog? Well maybe because I like the song. Maybe because it is the truth. Maybe both. But to be totally honest it is not the entire truth. Because i am technically not driving but flying. I still will drive, from the airport to my parents place. So the part “home” is kind of true again. If you define home as the place where you lived as a child. Normally I define home as the place where i spent most of my nights. What would be London these days. Since a few months at least But although I live in the capital of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland for some weeks now, due to the fact that my bed there is closer to my office, what comes in handy in the morning, I am still nit totally there Too many things and thought remain in Tallinn Not that london is not interesting and fascinating – it offers so much, mostly long transport ways if you go from lets say whitechapel to westminster. The Londoners accept that, what can they do, and they accept also the the Tubes are full in the morning and sleeping in the night so bar hopping requieres the way home by night bus or taxi. I am blessed, I live central and brick lane and shoreditch are just some minutes by foot. 20 or 30 so in London Terms just around the corner. if the walk is less then 10 minutes it is called “just down the street”. The expression: not far means basicly everything within zone 1 and 2. so people take the bus for a short trip although the bus system is rather good- and although on the roads are extra bus lines the speed is low. if you want it fast you take the tube – sounds easy to say it. But It takes a while to find ones way through the Undergroundsystem in London. What lines u need to take is simple, but experienced tube user know after a while very well which line is faster at what time and what station is better to change. So in a group a conversation as we know from comedy movies playing in New York where two people start discussing what is the right road to take at this time, is known in London either. The author does not participate on such talks. The author uses rhe overground mostly to get to and back from work, fast, empty and only one station to go for me. Suits well 🙂 And in summer i willl use one of the s called “boris bikes” if I dare it to bicycle through the massive traffic and fight my way down against cars and busses. The longer I think about it…. well anyhow.
but lets come back to the tubes. Because there is something what one has take in mind specially when you try to get home with the last possible tube after discovering some bars in south west of london ( or where ever ) The important thing is to keep in mind the long distance you have to walk between two lines. What can be massive. And the queen of all tube stations is Bank where several lines cross, central, disrict, northern and circle. Additional you can get access DLR. This amount of lines obviously makes it necessary – according to Bank station – to build a hugh labyrint ot tunels, corners, stairs up and down, more crossroads and on the middle of thousands of pushing and silent swearing people and tourists wandering around often musicians who play more or less good to entertain the locals and to encourage the tourists and newbes to keep walking and not losing faith in their way. I still wait for fhe first guy who sells drinks aside the aisle or offers chairs for the old and tired. Ok that is maybe a it excellerated but in fact it is highly possible to walk 5 or more minutes just to change the line. The humble writer of these lines assumes that this is because the long time of the growth of the public transport system which is designed maybe to transport a few million people every day – surely not the over 12 million who travel everyday crisscross London. Another reason why i take overground 😉

But this ia all behind me, the second part of my travel triology just started and i get closer to Munich and – well lets call it home for the moment. It was my home for many years, but for many now it is something different. not a home more like a save harbour which is always there for me while I am strolling through Europe. And this is a giod feeling to have.

Still I miss Tallinn a lot. It was mine, I knew it, I knew it strenght and its weakness, its limits and its possibilities. It challanges and it threats.
But lets be fair to London, i did not treat me bad but it was no honey licking also. Tallinn is my home, Munich my past and London my challange. Lets see what my future is.


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