2012 wishes

It is a tradition.

Well actually it is a bunch of traditions. On new years eve people express their wishes for 2012 and swear with a glass of champagne in their hands how they will change during this year, what they try to achieve and how they wanna live in the next months. The next tradition which is directly connected to this one is to give up these wishes.

Typical wishes are to stop smoking, make more sport, be more nice to the spouse etc etc.

I am more realistic. My 2012 wishes are more simple and therefore more achievable. And I will share them with you so you can check on me and ask me if I fulfill what I promise to myself.

1) Make more sport (stop laughing!!!)
First announcement: next monday I will start my Chinese Kickbox training. Lets see how I feel about that on tuesday.

2) Put more effort in learning

I feel I was too lazy last year, I should try to concentrate better and learn new things and facts.

3) Start getsGlobal

Do I have to say something about this?

4) Use Twitter for work

Twitter is a secret for me, but the more I read about the usage of Twitter in the recruitment process the more interesting it gets to me. So I decided to use it more. So far my account was mainly to announce that I have a new blog entry… not satisfying. The sub-wish in that context is to double the amount of people following me. At the moment I have 57. What is realistic, 57 new contacts in 3 months?

5) Enjoy London

I was and am skeptical about London, but maybe I should give it a chance. After all I will live here this year and London could be nice (not Tallinn but still…)

So, these are my 5 wishes for 2012.


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