London 4am

London 4 am

Yeah it is early. 4 am. To be precise it is 4:27 am. but the blog title stays at 4 am as this was the time I reached the bus station from where the Stansted Express starts. Or lets say where I entered the bus. Armed with a coffee and an almost empty trolli. (the hand luggage not the bus in Tallinn) My flight is at 7 but I could not sleep and decided I go more early and take the “safe” bus which brings me much too early to the airport. And all this to spend some hours in Tallinn. So no sleep, several hours travelling… sounds likea good deal. After all it is Tallinn. Ok it is not so much a fun weekend, I have to get to Tallinn for some administration stuff and of course to meet my CTO to discuss further details about getsGlobal. The goal is to launch the Alpha phase in the next months. Several monthes as it looks like. But more about that in the highly recommended getsGlobal blog. (

I wanted to talk about London. London in the morning. London is a hugh town, a megacity in my eyes (please keep in mind I lived in 400.000 inhabitants Tallinn for 5 years before i moved to 12.000.000 London…) and still, at 4 in the morning it shows the same tpicture: empty streets in the changing shine of numberless trafficlights, empty or almost empty nightbusses, a few taxis, and of course some people. A few drunken guys who called a poor fellow and started singing in the microphone with more enthusiasm than talent next to tired looking ones who either come from or go to work. Interesting enough that it is not easy to see who is who, both look with grey faces and empty eyes in the early friday morning. And I am not sure who I predfer to be, a home or a work goer. I think all in all I prefer to go to work during the day and sleep in the night. This is something I tag as news as this was different years ago. And to make it even more confusing the fav. time of the day is 9-11 bin the morning. Never said I am easy to understand.

Lets get back to London. (infact the bus just in that second left London and turned to something I would define as a motorway… or just at least a street with more and faster traffic and less lights left and right. And more cars towards London than leaving so I stick to my guess it is a motorway. London is a strange town in my eyes. I still do not like it a lot but i get used to it. I even like it a bit meanwhile. Went to bars and cinemas meanwhile, met some more people. started an interesting sport (chinese (kick)boxing) where my trainer is a 6 dan black belt who is additional to this very friendly and motivating. The latter is important for a not extemly with sport skills blessed 36 year old who feels a bit intimidated to be one of the only newbees surrounded by black and brown belts. I had my second training session only but I already feel less muscle piain after the sport than the first time. Just I have to admit that the first football match after my training start was a desaster… worse than usual for those of you who have seen me playing football already.

A change of topic. It is faszinating that London weather is unusual to me. ok weather is the wrong expression. But I have the feeling that it the sun rise is later now than it was some weeks ago. I remember the mornings where more light when I came back after new year than now. Wonder if this is just my imagination or a real fact. However my colleague Richard told me the same so maybe this is not just me. Ok I leave it here, the bus should be soon at the airport. Cannot wait to have an expensive airport coffee.


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