OMG…. last entry from mid January… geee…

Well, not that I have much time to write now but I at least can give a short update on my

2012 wishes

I made 4 wishes to myself in the beginning of the year. So now, mid April it is a good time to review what I achieved.

1) More sport

I am actually proud on this. I decided I start with the Chinese Kickboxing next to my football, and I can honestly say that I missed only one kickboxing lesson so far, and I really have been to sick that day. And I really like it although the warming up alone brings me to the edge almost. I think should be better now but my trainer actually thinks I am doing well.

So: Mission (so far) accomplished.

2) Learn more

Yeah… as good as number 1 was – number 2 sucks. I am still lazy about everything which is not Work, getsGlobal (we come to that later) and sport. At least if it comes to the open university where I admit I have not done anything this semester. And next will not be more effective as I can foresee.

3)  getsGlobal

Yeah well… looked very good until last week, when my programmer stepped out of the project and now I have to find a new one. But I have first contacts and as I now have to rewrite and update the “manual” it is a good moment to think about details again and this might even be a push forward (as long as I find time to work on it)

4) Use Twitter for work

Well, yes, I have more followers – still I follow MUCH more people than the other way around, however beginning of the year I had 57 followers, now I have 147. And I tweet a lot more (what is not difficult as I did not tweet at all the last years).

So, after 3 month a good result I would say all in all. Hope I can keep this success alive.

Ah one more thing… I made another promise I did not write about… make more nice photos… you decide, is that one?


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