Thank you for a day off

60 years. That is rather impressive. Ok, my dad is older, but that is not the point. After all she is older too. 86 years as far as I remember. (this is not such an important information so I decided not to google it. IF you wanna know, google yourself 😉 ) But these days (in fact the celebration is officially 4 days) we in the United Kingdom of Great Britan and Northern Ireland, and I assume in all the Commonwealth countries, celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

60 years Queen Lissy. Sorry, Elisabeth-2. And as we are in England, this celebration is done big.  The high-lite was the parade of 1000 ships and boats on the Thamse yesterday afternoon, a picture which was truely impressive – on the TV screen. I guess it was very impressive too to see it live, however that was almost impossible as the police blocked many roads and bridges with the note “sorry, full” and in the end it turned out that I have no friends with a house or appartment from where you can see the river. I should work on that…

The British really put a lot of effort in the celebrations of her long term majesty. Not only a well done homepage (and as we are in 2012 of course also a facebook page and the obligatory Twitter account) also the sheer number of more than 1.000.000 people (i did not believe it myself so I took the number from The Guardian) standing hours and hours on the few free spots aside the Thamse waiting for the arrival of the Royal Barge with the waving Queen and the millions world-wide watching this biggest parade in british history (at least in the last 350 years as I learend) give a good overview of the value the Queen has to many british.

It also was very intersting to see how many people who normally “could not care less” about anything related to the Royals suddenly talked about hte Queen with compliments and gratitude. “She gives stability in a changing world” one hears as an argument, “she dedicated her enritte life to Britan” another praises her, “she is the one who holds the nation together” a third throws in. It is surprisig how many positive thoughts and feelings people have towards here reminding the trouble and the critics the nation brought up to her a few years ago (keyword: Lady Di)… Even my flat mate who normally just mummbels anything about “who cares” when the Queen or anyone from the Royal Family is the topic, send me a text yesterday informing me that he will go to Tower Bridge to watch the parade and if we can meet there (in fact a nice idea however at that time I was already in the warm and dry Blind Beggar, watching the parade on telly with a cold beer.)

But lets come back to the idea she is the one who gives stability to the nation. I am not sure if all that is true, but I of course am not the one to judge on that. However, as a fan of the idea of democracy it gives a strange feeling to see the adoration of a clear undemocratic element in a country that already in 1215 limited the Royal power with the Magna Carta and had a parliament in 1265. Surely, this was not a democratic state then but it was surely a great step for the time. So why is a country with such a long democratic tradition so keen on a Queen whos only qualification was to born by the right parents in the right time? If anyone has the answer on it, please tell me. I thought a lot about this question now and many years already. I did not get to an answer, however I have some clues I think might lead the way. It is surely the adoration of tradition which many humans carry inside them. And of course it is the elegance and the wealth many people adore and like to watch – funny-wise without being jealous of her. But I think the one reason is that – however many British think about certain aspects – one has to admit that the Queen sticks to her way and opinion, however strong the wind might blow in her face. One does not need to share her view to give her credit for following what she thinks is right and not what polls and medias tell her she should do. And this last thing is -as I have to admit –  what impresses me too. I admire her sovereignty and her dignity to face even hard times and not showing emotions in public.

But does that mean I am about to become a monarchist now? I dont think so. With all the down sides of democracy and the up sides a monarchy could have… I would not like to see a german kaiser anymore, there are some traditions better to be burried.

Some might wonder why I have chosen this title for this blog post. Well I have to admit that I planed to write something different but as it happends sometimes, plan and result are not necessarily on the same side. But it was a quote on an official gimmik people did carry around yesterday… and I like to have a day off 😉

God save the Queen!


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