Crazy London

Piccadilly Circus

Sometimes I am maybe a bit harsh to this town. After all it is kind of a home now. So since my glorious plan to write a bit more in this blog and use London as the main topic (what would also suit the title of this blog (not the URL, the title!))… lost the point here. Well anyhow, I thought it is time to write something nice about London.

What is nice about London? Many things. But what to name?…….. London….hm. London… yes. That’s it. London is a place where everybody can find his or her or its place and niche. Specially when you are in East London, Whitechapel, Brick Lane, Shoreditch. The so called “hip” areas, at least if “hip” is still the name for cool and up-to-date.

Walking through the roads of upper mentioned areas, one has a chance to see a fantastic variety of lifestyles, best expressed in clothing, but also in behavior and most of all in piercing. The author has seen at least 2 more areas where piercing can be placed and none of them made any real sense to the author – what maybe means it is very cool to have them. Or it is just an expression of his inimitability. … Well actually I think his imaginary inimitably as I am pretty sure I will see the same piercing again in a near future. As in London you can see everything, and not only that, you can see everything several times. (Actually… one thing the author has seen only once in his whole time in London: a guy with black umbrella, bowler hat and dark suit…. weird as I work close to the city…)

But however. So, London, the home of diversity, the place where a banker stands next to a model of left over Hippie culture, next to a tourist who sees London more through the display of his Nikon than anything else, next to the young girl chewing a gum while listening music out of huge headphones next to a young chap in a football dress coming from a game in a park nearby. And everyone lives in his or her own world, standing next to each other but are miles away, yet still all citizens of Greater London area.

But if you once start to accept this difference in lifestyle and form, you will find the inner beauty of this concept. And a walk on Brick lane on Sunday then will be a high-lite for those who think fashion was best in the 80ties, (If someone like that exists.)

There are many examples of crazy London, to many to tell and yet, when you live here you get used to it very fast and it takes a lot of concentration to recognize what normally just passes by on your way while you rush from A to C via B. And maybe that is the problem. the rushing, eyes straight forward, ears covered with music, thoughts circle firmly around the next tube to take or the bus to reach – and the beauty around oneself is unseen. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the author of these lines invites you on your next walk through the streets of London to look through one thing you don’t like and combine it with the 20 other impressions and signals your eye catches and create in your head the full picture. And sometimes it is worth to have a second look.
I have to admit – London deserves that.


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