A story of a train, a job, a flood, a scarf, a smile and lots of rain


6:30     My alarm clock had its first action. Too bad it was after 3 when I finally fell asleep so I was a bit tired. However, I only allowed myself to stay with closed eyes till

6:37     when my next alarm started. Time to stand up.

6:40     On my way to the shower when the third alarm started. An annoying sound I have chosen. But after all I am up.

6:55     Coming out of the shower, towelled and dry with brushed teeth.

7:02     Leaving the office after cleaning the mess up a bit and store my luggage in a corner where it would not disturb. Newcastle here I come.

7:10     Note: Waiting for the bus sucks in rain.

7:12     Did anyone tell you already that traffic in London is awful in the morning?

7:32     Arriving at Kings Cross. So many muggles….

7:34     Train to Newcastle, departing 8:00 is cancelled. Took me a moment to understand that message on the board. What the heck…

7:35     I get the information I can take the train at 8:30 instead. Well only 30 minutes more time, I will get a coffee from Nero’s meanwhile.

7:41     I always take the queue that takes the longest…

7:42     Bringing my coffee to the ticket office to ask about my ticket and reservation.

7:51     Another queue. What are all these people doing here anyhow?

7:52     Interesting comment about the 8:30 train and my ticket: “You have to find a free place“. Really, who would have guessed that. After all I get the confirmation I can use my 8:00 ticket to take the 8:30 train. Good.

8:09     Still no message from what platform the train will depart. Don’t they know that yet?

8:12     Solved the first of three „metrokus“ in the free newspaper. Good invention, a free newspaper. Specially when they have something to play inside.

8:17     Platform …0 ? Well better than 9 ¾.

8:19     Why are so many people going in the same direction as I do? Move on, there is nothing to see here!

8:22     Found a place with table and a socket so I canplug in my laptop

8:24     Hey there is wifi in this train, amazing!

8:25     What do they mean with „this train determinates in York“…?

8:25 ½ The neighbour confirms what I just heard. Severe flooding, what the heck?

8:26     I am unsure what to do. Several people tell me different information about potential travel opportunities to Newcastle from York. I wonder how far it is.

8:27     I need to make a decision. Should I stay or should I go?

8:28     I stay

8:28 ½ I better go

8:29     I stay. or go. I should ask the conductor. He is outside. So I go there, with my stuff, just in case.

8:30     100% no train or bus from York to Newcastle at least not organised by East Coast train company. York… a friend of mine lives there, the ticket is paid… take a day off and just enjoy holiday? I wonder if I have his cell phone number.

8:31     A leaving train is kind of beautiful

8:32     A woman is negotiating with the conductor  how to come to Newcastle after all. There is a train from Euston to Carlise (?) and then a train from Carlise (?) to Newcastle. Extra travel time roughly 3 hours. On my question if the rails from Carlise to Newcastle are flodded too he said „uhm… I don´t know“. I decided to ask in a different way: „ so you are sure that train from Carlise to Newcastle is going?“ he replied at once and clear and distinct: „No I am not“.

8:34     Maybe I should call the office in Newcastle that I am not comming so they can cancel the hotel room.

8:37     There is wifi in the train but not in the station?

8:38     Ok there is but u need to register. However.

8:41     Interesting system. You ask for one password and receive 5. at least one works.

8:42     Heavy rain in Newcastle started yesterday as I hear from the Office Manager in Newcastle

8:45     Actually since I am here I could check in the hostel I stayed 1 night ago if they found my scarf

8:53     All the time I go to this hostel receiption the same nice looking girls smiles at me.

8:54     Laura has no knowledge of a lost scarf. Laura is the nice receiption girl. She smiles a lot. And she speaks with a spanish accent. Sounds really cute I like to listen to her.

8:57     Going upstair with laura to an empty room (:D :D)

8:58     No, my scarf is not under the bed. She apologizes for that. Wonder why, after all she did not loose it.

9:01     What a smile. Makes the rainy day a bit better. I say good bye for the moment but I know where she works and it seems she works all the time.

9:05     Why are busses always NOT coming when you wait for them in the rain?

9:24     Back in the office. Lot of surprised faces. A few smile but not as nice as Laura.

11:26   Decided to write something in my blog, no idea what made up my mind and wrote this here.

11:49    Published.


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