2015 – end of

  • 2015. Wow. I happend to remember about my blog today. So I googled it. Found it. Opened it. Felt bad when I saw that the last update was about 2013…. gee, that is bad.

    What happend meanwhile:

  • I moved to the Frankfurt area. (wanted London but the job offer was too good)
  • I bought an appartment (decided to settle down a bit. for a while)
  • I made my motorcycle license (yeah!)
  • Am pregnant (just want to know if you still read)
  • Made a movie for the Zurich film festival (did not win)
  • Worked on 2 scripts for movies, one – maybe maybe – will actually happen
  • Worked again on getsGlobal (great idea)
  • Forgot about getsGlobal (due to time and … you know…)
  • Started again on getsGlobal (I see a pattern here)
  • Stoped walking around with my camera.
  • Want to start walking around with my camera again.

    Yeah… thats for the moment. Not sure anyone acually ever read my blog but in case someone does: Hey, how are you? Ok bad joke.

    As I said… I really am not sure anyone actually is reading this, but after all I am convinced that most private blooger actually write that for themselves. So do I.

    Happy blogging!850mythunderstood-800x800


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