As I wrote, I am again-still-again-still- … lets call it agill. So, new beginning: As I wrote in my last post I am agill working on getsGlobal. And since I still cannot write the code myself or do have the motivation to do something usefull, I am dealing with the design.

There is an advantage, actually several advantages:

a) it is cool to work on design

b) average people like me always think: naaa, I can do that myself

c) one can change his mind every 5 minutes and still feel like one has been productive in the end – even though nothing is decided.

d) one has an excuse to google pictures and look at them

But if I am honest… it is more deSIGHn meanwhile. As I never get to the point where I can say: yes, thats it, no discussion. It is more a yeah, thats it, I am almost certain except I find something better…

But tonight I will start a getsGlobal weekend with Celli and then I have to make a decision. I will not present any examples here yet but I think I have a decision on how it shall look like. Roughly. And I hope that after this weekend Celli and I made a decision and stick to it.

Meanwhile I am still surfing and thinking and looking at various websites. Gosh it makes fun 🙂


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